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The Nature of Science
Earth and Space
Chemical World
Physical World
Biological World

What's Included

For Students & Teachers
Student Book
Each chapter in our Science Solutions Student Book includes; Essential Sheets, Activity Sheets & Question Time Sheets. 


Essential Sheet: The essential sheets present essential chapter information through:

  • Concise and student-friendly definitions.
  • Main concepts presented at an appropriate level.
  • Well-labelled diagrams and illustrations.
All content is explained and expanded within the accompanying E-book.


Activity Sheets: These sheets contain a variety of student activities; most are designed to be completed within the class. The activities vary to include:

  • Inquiry based tasks to develop the scientist and scientific literacy.
  • Student-led investigations to create an active learning experience.
  • Research and communication activities require students to develop a range of key skills.
  • Label/Draw/Explain activities that ensure students can recall essential information.
  • Formal Experiments: encourage students to think like scientists, enabling them to design/conduct accurate and reliable investigations and analyse results.
  • Media activities encourage students to evaluate information from various sources (news, internet, social media).

Question Sheets: The Question Time Sheets contain Questions, Diagrams, Mini Activities and Home Experiments designed to reinforce the lesson, encourage scientific query or revise a topic. These can be completed at home or in class.


Activity and Question Sheets Solutions: Solutions are available as a Teacher Only Resource which can be used within the classroom to develop students' ability to evaluate themselves, to make judgements about their own performance and improve upon it. 

Teacher Resources
AFL & Chapter Assessments
A Students Expectations Checklist for each chapter encourages self-assessment of progress and enables students to evaluate their knowledge specific to the learning expectations. 

Key Skills Development Checklist encourages self-awareness of the key skills developed during their studies of the chapter.

Assessment Time Sheets are available as a Teacher Only Resource; these can be used to formally assess if students have achieved the learning expectations of the topic, or for revision purposes.

Assessment Time Solutions are available as a Teacher Only Resource which can be used within the classroom to develop students' ability to evaluate themselves, to make judgement about their performance and improve upon it. 

Key Features

The inquiry-based tasks undertaken by students enhance scientific knowledge, provide hands-on practical work, develop experimental skills and allow for the students’ to become critical thinkers by deducing and deducting scientific phenomena and concepts.

Science Solutions encourages students to be a responsible citizen in today’s society and to create a more sustainable earth.

Features a range of student-led investigations and mini-experiments that develop scientific knowledge & understanding.

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